As headlines and stories emerge around the challenges some Amazon TPS (third-party seller) aggregators are facing, many founders, investors, and employees are wondering, what is going on in this space that was just recently exploding with growth?
Lending has been largely a bad word within the VC community since the lackluster public market performance of LendingClub and OnDeck. Affirm, once the…
When I first started investing in venture capital, I wanted to be contrarian. Badly. Being contrarian was a badge of honor (whereas pursuing consensus…
This should be pretty obvious, but: VCs should be giving different advice to different companies. But we’re seeing many VCs give the exact same advice…
How we view the world today
An alternative framework for Defaults in Lending Businesses
Eight blind spots from the front lines of early-stage investing.
Affiliate Marketing is a massive market on a global level - and it's only beginning.
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